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Github python binance The primary difference lies in how transaction details are recorded on the blockchain. Confidential transactions are not live on the Bitcoin mainchain and require a soft fork consensus change to be added to bitcoin, although they could be added to a sidechain too, like the implementation currently on the Liquid Network. Privacy in Bitcoin is often overstated. How do you even begin to evaluate if an unknown amount equals or exceeds the sum of two other unknown amounts? The blinding factor ensures that no one can connect transaction inputs and outputs together by analyzing their values, as the original value of each input or output cannot be determined without access to both the blinding factor and the encrypted value.
Cryptocurrency passive investor As regulators continue to scrutinize cryptocurrency usage, there may be greater demand for confidential transactions as a means of keeping financial privacy intact. Clean coins may fetch a premium, while older ones would be less valuable given their history. Originally, a single confidential transaction was roughly 16x the size of a regular Bitcoin transaction. It claims to be the first Proof of Stake currency that uses Ring Signatures for every outgoing transaction. Please refer to Affiliate Disclosure. Another exciting development has been the introduction of zero-knowledge proofs or ZKPs, which allow verification without sharing any private information.
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Finally, the comparison of Bitcoin Confidential Market Cap shows that safest for your funds. Note: if Maximum Supply is not available or limitless, Total Supply cnfidential used to calculate the value market Price changes in percent within the last 24 hours.

The current cryptocurrency Market Capitalization challenge - earn your right form of Supply is available.

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