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Gera May 10,pm. Huge fan of Bancor. Why not be friends.

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How to Use Bancor Protocol Network Exchange (Tutorial). Alternative to EtherDelta for ERC20 Tokens!
Tip: KIN is a also a Ethereum Token, that can be stored on Metamask. Go to Buying KIN on Bancor Network. Tip: Bancor is a de-centralized. To convert tokens instantly, visit the Bancor Web App or join the Bancor Telegram group for more information. KinLogisticsmoneyNumismaticsTech NewsToken coin. It is an ERC token and can be stored in any ERC compatible wallet, such as MyEtherWallet or MetaMask. Conclusion. KIN will launch with a.
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KIN was created as a means for creators to connect directly with consumers, thus removing the need for advertising as a way to monetize content. By May the development team had the project moved to Stellar and was testing the scalability of that platform on a testnet. So, eventually the foundation plans to use KIN as a currency for an entire ecosystem of communication tools, not just Kik. It should be possible for users to reward their favorite creators with just a few taps.