Crypto cringe

crypto cringe

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Even More Reasons Why NFTs Are Silly Cringe
Heather Morgan, accused of laundering $1 billion in cryptocurrency along with her husband, has a long and dubious history online. Cringe-inducing crypto moments and celebrities go together like centralized exchanges and collapse! Here's a rundown of 's most. As someone interested in all of cryptography, I cringe every single time when we call blockchain "crypto". Sure, there's cryptography in it.
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    account_circle Teshakar
    calendar_month 15.06.2021
    Completely I share your opinion. In it something is also idea excellent, agree with you.
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Last I checked there was literally no reason to use blockchain outside of cryptocurrencies since you get the same benefits just using GIT. JohnFen on April 26, root parent prev next [�]. I'm also a mod on some subs so I can only imagine the spam you get. The data structure is immutable by design. Particularly the decision flowchart.