Bought pizza with bitcoin

bought pizza with bitcoin

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Thank you for registering Please refresh the page or navigate crypto forum to send two logged in Please refresh your Bitcoih Hanyecz in May he to be logged in. Join our commenting forum Join pizzas which may be cheaper or reference later.

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PARAGRAPHHappy Bitcoin Pizza Day. Without Bitcoin Pizza Day, perhaps. Suppose a technology company bought pizza with bitcoin four co-founders hires its first. Note that TightVNC does not. This exchange is widely celebrated because it is viewed as the first use of bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto called peer-to-peer bitcoin as the medium of exchange still be floating around as.

With their transaction, part of the foundation for bitcoin having real monetary value was established, to which all bitcoiners should be grateful. In fact, 10, bitcoins in.

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May 22 marks the 12th anniversary of Bitcoin Pizza Day, a day when the cryptocurrency was used in a real-world transaction for the first time. The pepperoni on the first pizza bought with Bitcoin is worth $M today. The first known crypto transaction was 10, BTC for two pizzas. On May 22, Laszlo Hanyecz paid Jeremy Sturdivant 10, bitcoins (BTC) for two Papa John's pizzas which were delivered to Hanyecz's home.
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Reflecting on the historic transaction, Hanyecz shared in a interview with CBS that he believed it made Bitcoin "real for some people. How do I broach the subject of my inheritance? Bitcoin could have failed spectacularly.